scale up Academy

Where Can It Start?
At this time you can join the unique network of scale up learners and users in these cities

Are you excited by our promise and methodology and the scale up Academy’s format, and do you think that this could be a perfect fit for you and your company?

If so, we’re very pleased. And we’re looking forward to meeting you and your team. Either at one of the locations where we’re already actively offering the Academy’s program (see map). Or perhaps even at a location of your choice. Because we naturally want the program to continue growing and closing the gaps to become available throughout Germany.

Would you like to know how to launch a scale up Academy location yourself? Simply suggest one to us and recruit at least 15 participants (the required minimum) for the first Academy group to meet there.

Apart from being able to attend where it suits you, you’ll benefit from a bonus equal to 10% of the fee for each participant you recruit. That means that if you round up 10 attendees, you get to attend yourself for free. You can also use bonuses to register more people from your own company.

Would you like to find out more (e.g. about the exact terms or the next starting dates) or sign up?