Senior scale up Coach

Robert Fischbacher

Having a strong connection to all things technical, when Robert was a child he wanted to be a cabinetmaker. In the end, he decided to become an engineering manager.

While studying, he also encountered other fascinating components of business management. After graduating, by lucky chance he was admitted to the trainee program at Steinbeis, which led him into marketing and sales. Robert stayed true to this field for nearly 20 years while working for manufacturing companies.

His personal trajectory also revealed another dimension to him: the emotional side of life. So he opted to embark on a completely different path and went freelance as a business developer.

Robert’s profession enables him to optimally integrate and live out his three core strengths: technical/material, analytical/economic and human/emotional.

In 2015, he successfully established his own parquetry brand as a sideline – besides his passion for wood, it was a chance to apply all the expertise he had acquired as a consultant.

He consistently focuses on the client’s goals and, ultimately, success. And he always has an open ear. When necessary, of course, he also clearly speaks his mind.