Senior scale up Coach

Stefan Beiten

Stefan is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur, film producer, business coach and co-author of his own methodology. He studied in Munich, Berlin, Los Angeles and Berkeley, is the father of three children, and lives alternately in Berlin, Amsterdam and the U.S.

Under the umbrella of a holding company called Argo Ventures, since 1986 he has founded more than 20 enterprises on two continents and structured and placed 20 mutual funds with a total of more than 1.1 billion USD in investments. Concurrently, Stefan set up a company called Greenlight Media, which produced more than 150 episodes of TV animations and global successes such as Deep Blue and Planet Earth. His business philosophy is simple: “Passion and culture eat strategy for breakfast!”

As an entrepreneur, Stefan has experienced major successes and mastered formidable challenges. The latter included steering his companies through the major global crises of 2001 and 2008, fending off hostile takeover attempts and reinventing himself each time. As an active angel investor, he has also been involved in successes such as Gate5/Nokia Maps, while also having to swallow bitter disappointments like “Txtr”.

Currently he is concentrating on the “Argopreneurs” venture studio, in which he works with young co-entrepreneurs and other digital natives to build innovative startups and advise international corporations. His partners are now confidently looking forward to future success with “Stegimondo” and “Kardea” plus a half dozen other digital companies.