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The scale up Framework has a worldwide proven track record to lead your team and your business to peak performance and entrepreneurial freedom.

More than 500 companies are already growing successfully with the scale up framework

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You will be able to scale your business effectively, holistically and sustainably with the scale up tools.
Get the know-how from you customized coaching format and can simultaneously implement the tools in your company. 

Your coach will use the scale up framework and certified entrepreneurial experience to guide you in scaling your business in a predictable way and achieve success together with you – as one aligned team.

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Whether start-up or medium-sized company: entrepreneurs and management teams use the scale up framework to deal with the issues that make the difference to success. Companies are 4 times more efficient in growing successfully, when using a proven framework. 


Check out our two customized programs, depending on your company size and lifecycle:

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scale up Inhouse

A dedicated entrepreneur coach is by your side to work ON your business together with the management team, at your pace. According to your needs, we select adequate formats & methods out of the scale up framework to consistently improve areas of people, strategy, execution and cash along your scale up journey.

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scale up MasterClass

Several leadership teams from fast-growing companies come together and are systematically trained in the core areas of the scale up framework in 12 sessions. The teams learn from coaches, engage in mutual exchange with other companies and directly apply what they have learned. 

Scaling up your business is not an art - but a craft

Our proven and systematized scale up framework is based on the recipes for success of the world’s best companies. This allows you to always maintain an overview and lead your company to sustainable success. With the 4D Assessment your status quo is analyzed and the potentials for your scaling become visible. The framework delivers results in the four crucial key levers to scale up teams and business:

  • attract, develop and retain the right employees: PEOPLE
  • develop a crystal clear strategy to become a hidden champion: STRATEGY
  • ensure high quality in process execution while keeping learning curve and adaptability high: EXECUTION
  • generate sufficient cash to finance our growth: CASH
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Get guidance from experienced entrepreneurs

We ourselves have founded, managed, sold and also dissolved numerous companies. Now we are passionate coaches who empower your team with the right tools to achieve your above-average growth goals better, faster and easier in every way.

Successful execution using our framework and tools will yield these results: 

  • At least double your cash flow
  • Profitability tripled compared with the industry average
  • higher valuation of the company compared to the competition
  • Broad support for growth from all stakeholders

Why scale up?

Scaling up is far more than introducing new processes, technologies or improving products: it is about passion for the business model and processes that support you and the company, stopping energy draining and making your hearts beat faster. The scale up coaches are entrepreneurs at heart who share this passion with you and accompany you on your way to new heights.

The Framework

An effective and proven framework optimizes the key business areas in a structured way: People, Execution, Strategy, Cash.

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Convinced clients

Since 2012, we have been working successfully with over 500 great companies and teams. They all live and share the scale up spirit.

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Certified coaches

Over 20 trained scale up coaches accompany teams with high professional & social competence during the implementation of the projects.

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Money back

We are confident in what we do. If you are not, we guarantee you’ll only pay what it’s really worth to you.

"With scale up, entrepreneurs improve and are able to run their companies with more confidence. Thank you for all the hours you put into us and all the other companies."
Tim Beier
CEO Bearpaw

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Over the past few years, scale up coaches have led more than 500 companies of varying sizes to top performance

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