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Want to know how
entrepreneurial success works?

We build our framework on the recipes for success from the world’s best companies, making it actionable for start-up’s and SMEs. We work with companies, their teams and the leadership level on the issues that make the difference. 

A holistic approach coupled with almost direct entry into application practice. Whilst most methods focus on boring theory at first, scale up puts you into action quickly and very actively – and thus immediately into lively learning and deeper understanding.

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Effective teamwork

We show you how to establish your company culture, find the right people and lead them to work without you.

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Sustainable growth

The framework helps you to reduce the time spent on operational control. No more playing “fire department”, regain your entrepreneurial freedom.

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Rising sales

With a clear, strategic plan to predictable results and better structures and processes within the company.

Two programs for your
entrepreneurial success

Either with the customized private coaching in the inhouse program or the mini MBA training in the MasterClass – we will find the right format for you!

Success potentials are identified and structured. The change process must be lived and implemented – for this we have numerous methods and the necessary tools.

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scale up Inhouse

You want to grow? – You will! A scale up coach will be at your company’s side to introduce the scale up framework exclusively and individually optimized for the company and its needs.

  • the coaching program customized made to measure
  • together with the management level the methodology is applied efficiently and intensively to live the change process
  • a coach accompanies the team individually
  • quaterly meetings, monthly check-ins and on-site calls won’t get you off track while growing

scale up MasterClass

Peer2Peer & Team2Team Learning gets you ahead! Several companies share their experiences, exchange information and have a scale up coach at their side. Expect to master the concentrated knowledge of the framework in connection with the scale up community.

  • 4-6 teams, online and offline Sessions, 1 program
  • Leadership teams of fast growing companies
  • Coaching in the key areas
  • Buddy system for more accountability and exchange
  • ready-to-use tools for the companies
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The scale up App

The new scale up digital program for your team, your vision and your business growth is here!

In the app you will find three versions and therefore three intensities to dive into the world of scaling: These three combine the depth and intensity of physical coaching with the benefits of online learning in a community. 

  • scale up Starter – Get all the basics for scale up onboarding for free: the first Learning Journeys & Starter Tools from our toolset. Conduct regular surveys with your team: the Team Check, the 4D Assessment, a Meeting NPS,… 
  • scale up Implementor – Apply the scale up method in your company and deepen your existing knowledge of the framework with the digital learning nuggets for you and your team. Application is in the foreground: Use the complete toolset with the digital tools for you and your team.
  • scale up Implementor + Learner – Achieve sustainable and continuous growth in your company. You receive all the benefits of the scale up Implementor PLUS new Learning Journeys, every three months: in an on-site learning program, you will be able to immerse yourself in the scale up world and directly apply what you have learned in the Journeys step-by-step with the toolset.

With the new scale up app, you will create the foundations for structured growth and build a high-performance team. 

The scale up App is only available in German at the moment.


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The scale up mission

Do you often have the feeling that nothing moves forward if you don’t hit the rock? Do you get lost in the multitude of possibilities to systematize your company and in the end you don’t really make progress? Do your employees constantly demand your attention?

Put yourself in the spotlight and get to know practical tools that will immediately make your life as an entrepreneur easier.

Immerse yourself with us in a framework that provides you and your company
with security and entrepreneurial freedom at the same time.

scale up Framework

The scale up Framework

We work according to Verne Harnish’s globally proven “Scaling Up” method. This is based on the 4D model, which optimizes the four most important areas of a company: PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, and CASH.

Using tried and tested tools, you can hit the ground running in the growth phase without losing sight of the big picture.

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Our clients

In recent years, scale up coaches have led more than 500 companies to peak performance

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