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With the scale up framework, we support teams on their entrepreneurial path to sustainably scale up their business. Meet the experts behind scale up.

we are scale up

Together we achieve audacious goals

scale up

We are no generic consultants: we are committed coaches! 

Our goal is to link teams with the necessary tools so that they can develop their own, tailor-made results. Because this is the only way to create entrepreneurial success and uniqueness.

While doing so, we are always unbiased, appreciative, and hit the nerve – if necessary. We pierce the issues in depth, only to bring them back to a state of simplicity and lightness. Entrepreneurial success brings us joy and is our passion! We always see ourselves as part of the team. 

Since 2012, we have given everything to accompany our clients in their breakthroughs, to set the focus and to unconditionally stand by them as coaches.

Meet the scale up team

Nikolai Ladanyi scale up Gruender
Nikolai Ladanyi
Founder and Partner
Meike Mueller scale up Coach
Meike Müller
Senior Coach
Markus Brehler scale up Partner
Markus Brehler
Frank Steffen scale up Coach
Frank Steffen
Senior Coach
Sven Haferkamp
Senior Coach
Sabine Chromik scale up Accounting Controlling
Sabine Chromik
Accounting & Controlling
Jean-Marc Fandel
Katrin Wietek scale up Marketing
Katrin Wietek
Content Marketing
Ralph Chromik
Founder and Partner
Monica Wimmer
Senior Coach
Daniela Vorleuter scale up Marketing
Daniela Vorleuter
Head of Marketing
Thomas Plöger
Senior Coach
Niklas Guggenberger
Coach und Head of Sales
Rosalie Schmid scale up Project Management
Rosalie Schmid
Project Management
Lorenz Hartung
Patric Hohl scale up Coach
Patric Hohl
Senior Coach
Konstantin Schimert
Kurt Fröhlicher
Senior Coach
Victoria Chirita scale up Coach
Victoria Chirita
Senior Coach
Thomas Catalan
Senior Coach
Melanie Schuetze scale up Coach
Melanie Schütze
Senior Coach
Philipp von Kundrath scale up Coach
Philipp von Kunhardt
Senior Coach
Max Scheidt
Senior Coach
Patrick Blum
Senior Coach
Beat Wyss
Senior Coach
Florian Gottschaller
Senior Coach
Nicolas Reis
Senior Coach
Alina Tron scale up Community Management
Alina Tron
Community Management
Christoph Graf scale up coach
Christoph Graf
Senior Coach
Jacqueline Kotalion scale up sales
Jacqueline Kotalion
HR & Sales
Stefanie Kalheber scale up Coach
Stefanie Kalheber
Senior Coach
Oliver Kemper scale up Product Management
Oliver Kemper
Product Management
Heide Hillemann scale up Marketing
Heide Hillemann
Social Media
Oliver Dietrich scale up coach
Oliver Dietrich
Senior Coach
Lina Lotta Landgraf

Our Core Values

We connect teams with the right tools enabling them to create their own, tailor-made results. This is the only way to create entrepreneurial success and uniqueness.

This is where we generate our energy and the joy of working together as a young team driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and rocking breakthroughs with the teams!

This is just one of our Core Values. These define the way we want to be as a company, how we make decisions and how we act.

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As a certified scale up coach, you will work closely with dynamic companies, train entrepreneurs and their leadership teams in effective scaling with high professional and social competence.

As a coach for entrepreneurs at scale up, you are part of an entrepreneurial community, master our effective and proven framework while being able to fully focus on coaching.

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