The scale up
4D Framework

With proven tools, you can hit the ground running in the growth phase without losing sight of the big picture. Learn more about what the key to successful growth is and how our framework can support you and your team. 

Why is our framework method superior in every growth phase?

For us, good growth is always related to a holistically healthy and thus sustainably effective balance of all four relevant fields of action and their essential interactions.

We call the systematic control of the four fields 4D Framework, since we divide them into the 4 Elements (see below) and the 4 decisions, i.e. areas of action such as PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION and CASH.

Similar to a four-wheel drive, our method with its proven tools ensures that you as an entrepreneur can fully concentrate on maximum performance in every conceivable situation.

Successfully scale with the 4D framework

Do you have the right players on board?

The most difficult decision area of growing companies is getting the right people in the right positions.

What's your big strategy?

Do you have a convincing company strategy? Is the management team able to communicate it in a simplistic and understandable way?

Do you get into concrete action efficiently?

Do all processes function without problems? A key challenge is to avoid creeping deterioration in implementation.

Are you staying liquid while scaling?

In order to finance dynamic growth in a healthy way, it is essential to accelerate the cash flow turnover.

Why you should use the 4D framework

A key differentiator and great benefit is not only the holistic approach, but also the almost direct entry into the application practice from the first moment.

Whilst many methods focus on boring theory at first, scale up’s framework allows you to get into action quickly and very actively, and thus also immediately into learning, deeper understanding and substantial anchoring.

The 4D Framework is the foundation of the scale up coaching method. It analyzes the four most important areas of entrepreneurial action: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

4D Framework Elements:

Scaling a business is a complex undertaking and requires proven, yet easy-to-use tools and techniques. Our framework contains the following four elements:  

Your advantages: Using the 4D framework,...

The 4D online Assessment

Our short online check analyzes the 4 dimensions PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION and CASH directly. 

Either use the 4D Assessment by yourself, to strengthen your self-reflection or have your entire leadership team utilize it directly. We recommend doing it as a team, as this is the only way to uncover communication and cultural weaknesses in the organization – these are usually the biggest obstacles to successful growth.

The 4D Assessment consists of 40 questions, 10 per set of topics. Each participant answers the questions anonymously on their own. Answering all 40 questions usually takes no longer than 10 minutes.

As a result, you get the 4D score, a metric from 0 to 100, where 100 means: “Awesome, nothing stands in the way of growth!”. Team members, by the way, cannot see who answered what and how – this is to help ensure that everyone answers truthfully instead of being influenced by loyalty concerns, for example.

Once your team opts to consult a scale up coach, he or she will have access to the detailed answers and will, of course, treat them with absolute confidentiality. By having access to the concrete answers, the coach has the opportunity to address any dormant conflicts within the leadership team as an independent authority.

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The method we use today for helping companies achieve extraordinary growth is based on the American “Scaling Up” model of the renowned growth thought leader and bestselling author of the book of the same name, Verne Harnish.

Not only have we had a special friendship with Verne for many years. But we were also the first to bring Verne’s content to Germany and make it accessible to the German-speaking world. As part of this process, scale up has translated, adapted and further developed both the book and the methodology as a whole for the specific requirements of this market.

Also available in English.