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Get the benefits of the successful scale up method combined with the support of experienced entrepreneurs to break through growth problems and thus scale your business sustainably.

The implemented scale up framework is now used by many successful companies: In recent years, we have led more than 500 companies to peak performance.

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Is the inhouse program the perfect fit for you?

The Inhouse program is geared towards companies with more than 20 employees, a grown management level and ambitious growth targets. We are often called upon to help when, for example,…

  • hiring new staff is sluggish or there is high employee turnover.
  • cash flow falters or not enough cash can be accumulated to grow to the next level.
  • you, as a managing director or founder, are feeling unappreciated or misunderstood by your employees and thus have difficulties in managing and delegating issues.
  • you are stuck in day-to-day operations, the vision seems unattainable and the team is not pulling in the same direction.
  • you, as a managing director, start to lose yourself because the whole daily grind is just annoying.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we know these problems all too well. 

There is a solution for all this: the scale up framework, paired with our individual coaching. With it, you set your company on a growth course and lead your team to high performance

You too can write your success story with
scale up

Do it like roadsurfer GmbH, who has doubled its sales annually over the last five years thanks to scale up’s framework implementation as part of the inhouse program, and has established itself as the market leader in Europe while constantly expanding its business. 

The scale up x BEARPAW growth story

We help you to implement the scale up framework

As coaches, we help you to implement this entrepreneurial framework and prepare you for a fast and optimized introduction of the best practices in your company and to inspire everyone with them.

We lay a strong foundation for scaling, divided into four fields of action: PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION and CASH.

As an executive team, you need to regularly make decisions in these four fields of action. Most of the time issues occur in one of them that prevent you from unleashing the greatest development potential.

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Finally find time to work on your business successfully

As a management team, you regularly have to make decisions in these four areas of action. Most of the time, there are problems in one of them that prevent you from unfolding your greatest development potential.

Our coaching picks up on these fields of action, takes a close look at them and helps you to identify bottlenecks. We never impose or take away responsibility, but support teams in identifying their own mission and strategy. We ask the right questions – you develop the answers. This separates us coaches from consultants.

Let’s find out how the scale up framework can help and which coach is a perfect fit for your company.

Inhouse scale up

500+ happy clients

Since 2012, we have successfully worked with over 500 great companies and teams. Our coaches accompany them individually.

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Hands-On mentality

Entrepreneurs and certified scale up coaches guide teams with high professional competence in the implementation of the projects.

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Money-back guarantee

We are confident in what we do. If you are not, we guarantee you will only pay what it’s really worth to you.

scale up 4D Framework

Successful method

An effective and proven framework optimizes the key areas of an organization: People, Execution, Strategy, Cash.

Testimonial: scale up x BEARPAW

Testimonial: scale up x nonplusultra

The tools have a direct impact in the company and help to focus and increase effectiveness.
Oliver Gernstl
Oliver Gernstl
The most productive workshop days I have experienced so far. Very intensive and totally hands-on in the implementation.
Etienne Espenner Purelei
Etienne Espenner
"The scale up program is the Swiss Army knife of sustainable entrepreneurship for TAM Academy."
Frederic M. Fuchs TAM Akademie
Frederic M. Fuchs
TAM Akademie

The scale  up method is unique. Superior through experts, who pass it on with understanding

All of us have the same stable smell, as we were or are entrepreneurs ourselves. We are no consultants. We are convinced coaches who teach your team the tools to create their own, tailor-made results.

In doing so, we are always unbiased and appreciative, but we also go where it hurts – if necessary.

We pierce things in depth only to bring them back to a state of simplicity and lightness. We always see ourselves as an energetic, humble part of the team. We give everything to be valuable companions and to rock the joint with you.

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Scaling up Buch Cover

Take a first look at the „Scaling Up“ book

Our book “Scaling Up” combines hundreds of best practices for everyday management. Not just boring bullshit bingo, but concrete examples from practice and directly applicable working materials help to prevent scaling problems from arising in the first place.

Let's find out if the inhouse program is the right answer for your challenges!

Receive more information once you have filled out the form. Afterwards, a scale up coach will help you find out whether the customized program is right for you and your company in a non-binding meeting.

We look forward to seeing you and your team!