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Learn from successful entrepreneurs together with other teams

The program is geared towards entrepreneurs and their leadership teams. In the MasterClass, four to six teams share a coach, learn from the coach while also learning from and with each other.

The scale up MasterClass

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  • March 22nd, 2023
  • June 22nd, 2023
  • September 21st, 2023

Our scale up framework is already used by many successful companies: In recent years, we have led more than 500 companies to peak performance.

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Are you the best fit for our MasterClass?

The scale up MasterClass is geared towards companies with 10 or more employees and is the program for ambitious entrepreneurs and their teams.

Our scale up framework helps when….

  • Individuals in the team have difficulty communicating knowledge and know-how.
  • The team is bogged down in day-to-day operations, resulting in stress and overtime.
  • Dissatisfaction is spreading among the employees.
  • You as the managing director have the feeling that you are losing yourself in the company.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we know these problems all too well. 

What is a daily practice among professional team sports is neglected in most companies: systematic training and coaching of the entire management team.

We help you implement the successful
scale up framework

As coaches, we assist you and your team in implementing this entrepreneurial framework and prepare you to quickly and optimally introduce the best practices into the company and inspire everyone with them.

We set a strong scaling foundation consisting of four fields of action: PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION and CASH.

Our solution:

  • Systematic training program of the entire management team
  • Essential tools to master business challenges
  • Direct implementation into your own company
  • Under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs
  • Professionalization of the management team
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Focus on important priorities

All employees know the company’s strategy, understand what they need to do in order to achieve the company’s goals, and do not lose sight of the vision.

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Discipline as a company culture

Everyone takes responsibility for achieving goals, performance is immediately visible. Outcomes are discussed in a structured and efficient meeting rhythm within the team.

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Time for more growth

Transparent, OKR-driven collaboration within the teams frees up the management team’s time for the growth projects that are actually important.

Why is the program aimed at the entire leadership team?

Based on our own entrepreneurial experience, we know: Coming back after a training course with enthusiasm is often met with criticism from colleagues. The content is no longer able to be reproduced and this means that the gained learnings cannot be transferred to the team.

That’s why we created the MasterClass, where the entire leadership team comes together (two to a maximum of 8 people), you are given the time to directly implement the topics together in your own company. That’s what makes this format so effective.

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Four effective learning formats combined in the MasterClass

  1. Learning from the scale up coaches as experts
  2. Get feedback from other teams so you learn from other participants in an effective manner: Team2Team & Peer2Peer
  3. Joint meetings in which the managing directors regularly update each other on progress
  4. Annual planning, quarterly planning and deep dives structure the program

The training program for management teams

The scale up MasterClass offers you the necessary structure and strategy for successful growth in one program. There is a thematic focus for each quarter. This creates a clear rhythm so that you and your team invest dedicated time each month to work ON and not just IN your company.

  • Live Quarterly Meetings & Community Events
  • Online Sessions & Deep Dives
  • Regular Q&A’s 
  • 4D-Team Assessment
  • scale up Checklists
  • Buddy exchange
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What participants say about the MasterClass

Hands-on methods and tools that can be adopted immediately in business and quickly achieve visible results.
Sven van den Bergh
The tools have had an immediate impact in the company and help us tremendously to focus and increase effectiveness.
Vinzenz Bichler
Betterguards Technoloy
scale up is extremely helpful for me! It allows me to reach the next level of scaling with my business!
Holger Westenbaum

The scale up framework is unique. It is handed over by experts who pass it on with understanding

We all have the same stable smell, as we were or are entrepreneurs ourselves. We are no consultants. We are convinced coaches who connect your team to the needed tools so that they can create their own, tailor-made results.

In doing so, we are always unbiased and appreciative, but we also hit the nerve – if necessary.

We pierce things in depth just to bring them back to a state of simplicity and lightness. We always see ourselves as an energetic, humble part of the team. We give everything to be valuable companions and to rock the joint with you.

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Scaling up Buch Cover

Take a first look at the „Scaling Up“ book

Our book “Scaling Up” combines hundreds of best practices for everyday management. Not just boring bullshit bingo, but concrete examples from practice and directly applicable working materials help to prevent scaling problems from arising in the first place. 

Also available in English.

Let's find out if MasterClass is the right answer for your challenges!

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