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Since 2012, scale up has been working with many great entrepreneurs. Immerse yourself in the scale up world and be inspired by the success stories of other companies. Discover the key factors for success & growth. 

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Our mission at scale up?

Achieving audacious goals and helping teams do what really matters while scaling up a business sustainably. We help linking teams with the necessary tools to create their own custom-fit results and celebrate their successes.

From the start of our journey, we’ve helped nearly 600 teams, start-ups and midsize businesses alike, reset their focus and challenged their goals. With our framework, day-to-day operations are a thing of the past, growth will be 4x more efficient and entrepreneurial freedom is the new tomorrow.
We’d love to help your team experience the same.

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Discover the scale up customers and the success stories behind them

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From scratch to 100 in less than two years: BEARPAW Products

Tim Beier (CEO) and scale up coach Konstantin Schimert share their mutual appreciation, the intensive collaboration and the remarkable progress they were able to achieve within only two years. With the goal of becoming one of the top 10 trend sports brands in the world, BEARPAW is fully on course for growth. Tim and his team were already enthusiastic scale up users in self-study and wanted to go even deeper into the content with individual support from inhouse coaching.

ROADSURFER - From a small van rental start-up to a globally active outdoor travel company

Dr. Susanne Dickhardt, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of roadsurfer GmbH, reveals how working with scale up helped them achieve storybook growth without losing their company culture. The five founders of roadsurfer realised early on that they needed external support to achieve the rapid growth they were aiming for. Successful, extremely fast-growing companies rely on scale up in order not to lose focus in the scaling process.

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How HEADFOUND succeeded in a fiercely competitive market

HEADFOUND founder Michael Truch shares his experience on scale up Inhouse coaching and talks about team success, implementing OJR’s and living Core Values: “With Nikolai as coach, the successful scaling journey has started. In 2020, despite the pandemic and 50% fewer job ads, we continued to grow at over 100% to 2.1 million. And I am proud that we are heading towards 25 million in 2022 with a team of around 160 permanent employees on board.”

With a clear roadmap into the fast lane

Florian Hutterer, Co-Founder & CEO of nonplusultra, describes how working with scale up helped find the right focus for the company and master a successful partial exit. The founders knew what potential their company had – but they lacked the necessary recipe to show them which aspects to focus on. In their search for a suitable system, they came across scale up
nonplusultra Sales GmbH from Munich is a sales and marketing agency that helps international technology companies to build up their retail business in Europe. They take full responsibility for indirect sales channels of international brands.

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Tradition & Transformation united in harmony

The two managing directors Dr. Ulf Achenbach and Dr. Wolf van Lengerich show how the existing traditional company has managed to set the course for a turnaround together with scale up. Additionally, they give insight into the tools and methods they used to successfully initiate the corporate transformation necessary for the company’s future.

Two years ago, there was a change in management at Eickhoff. This was linked to a clear mandate from the shareholders to develop the company in the long term for the next 15 years. Away from coal, into new regenerative business fields with a new orientation and a new product portfolio. The search began for a strong partner to accompany this process holistically and help the company find its own way. 

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