Senior scale up Coach

Marcus Renziehausen

Marcus, born in 1976, is an economist and passionate entrepreneur. He lives with his partner and three children in the south of Lower Saxony.

He has been an entrepreneur since 1996. True to the motto that “there’s an opportunity in every crisis,” he skillfully piloted his fintech company through the global financial crises of 2001 and 2008. Each one gave a significant boost to its success.

As far back as 2006, Marcus developed Germany’s first robotic consultant, which allowed private investors to profit from global stock markets thanks to an intelligent trading algorithm.

As a potentials coach, today he guides and supports entrepreneurs and companies in identifying and eliminating obstacles that prevent them from achieving genuine and above sustained development, thus clearing the way for solutions that are truly important and valuable for extraordinary growth.

Marcus combines his more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur with a special passion for new ways of thinking and method-based coaching as a certified ScaleUp Advisor.

He isn’t a yes-man – rather, he is a successful lateral thinker with an open, positive outlook that enables him to see and seize opportunities before everyone else.

In his private life, Marcus loves to play golf and keeps coming back to his passion for playing music on the piano and guitar.